How to take your opponent’s back in a real fight

Monday, July 10, 2017

Getting control of someone’s back in a self-defense situation is a great spot to be in. You have complete control over them and they cannot hit you.

In this video from martial artist Sensei Ando Mierzwa, he alongside BJJ black belt Stephan Kesting demonstrate how to take someone’s back in a fight using an arm drag and it can be used in a variety of ways.

The arm drag to back take is a great defense against an aggressive push, poke, or light grab or anytime someone’s getting physically aggressive with you.

To perform the move what you want to do is clear the hand then cross-grab your attacker’s arm above the elbow. Then you pull it past you and step to the outside.

In the video, Kesting makes an important point though that size kind of matters with this technique. If your opponent is much larger than yourself you will have trouble pulling him with the arm drag and you may end up pulling yourself behind him instead but you should still have the same end result regardless which is getting behind your opponent.

As previously stated, having your opponent’s back in any kind of self-defense situation is a great spot to be in. Not only are you in a dominant position but you have plenty of options and who doesn’t want options?

1- RUN. Always the safest choice in a self-defense situation. But if you can’t run, here are three more ideas…

2- CONTROL. Grabbing hold of the waist from behind is a great option when you don’t want to hurt someone. Maybe a friend or family member has lost their cool and you just want to keep them from hurting you or themselves. Lock the body and sit them down.

3- CHOKE. For more serious situations, wrapping up the head may give you the pressure you need to stop an attacker.

4- STRIKE. If you can’t afford the time to commit to a choke, a quick strike may give you the chance to run or keep fighting. The arm drag is a great set up for a punch or kick from the attacker’s blind side. [Source: YouTube]

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