How to use clothes as choke ratchets – French Foreign Legion combatives

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Improvised weapons are a part of many self-defense martial arts out there and in a real-life self-defense situation, using whatever is at your disposal can potentially save your life.

In this video from martial arts YouTube channel Paladin Press, we see a member of the French Foreign Legion demonstrate how to use a piece of clothing to apply a choke in a self-defense situation.

According to the video description this guy is a:

“A former member of the 2nd parachute regiment in the French Foreign Legion, Nick Hughes has built his combatives curriculum on his extensive martial arts background, including ju-jitsu, tae kwon do, and zen do kai. During his five years with the Legion, Hughes sharpened his skills and learned combatives from some of the toughest instructors on earth. Later on, working in an executive protection detail, Hughes refined his curriculum into one of the world’s most unique combatives systems.”

Now, choking someone using clothing isn’t just a French thing either. In grappling-based martial arts like BJJ and Judo, lapel chokes and the like are quite common when using the gi.

Nevertheless, in this video the French Foreign Legion veteran Nick Hughes demonstrates a cool and effective way to use a piece of clothing as an improvised weapon if the need ever arises.

According to Nick, this technique can be performed using a jacket or a t-shirt too but for the sake of simplicity he uses a judo belt in this instructional demonstration.

The technique involves wrapping the clothing around your opponent’s neck then looping it around your wrist which causes the clothing to further tighten around the opponent’s neck.

It is important to point out though that this is a potentially dangerous technique and should only be practiced by trained martial artists under the supervision of a qualified instructor and never tried at home.

Paladin Press is the source for books and videos on personal and financial freedom, survival and preparedness, firearms and shooting, martial arts and self-defense, military and police tactics, knives and knife fighting, and more. [Source: YouTube]

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