Master Wong shows how to deal with a school bully

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Bullies suck and dealing with bullying at school is an unfortunate reality for many kids out there. Learning martial arts is the best way to deal with bullying I reckon, for both the bullied and the bully him or herself who is going to quickly find out they’re not as tough as they like to think.

Even traditional martial arts, while nowhere near as effective as more modern arts like BJJ or MMA, can still be good for kids and help to instill confidence and a more confident kid is much less likely to be bullied.

In this video from the colorful Chinese martial arts master, Master Wong, he demonstrates how to deal with bullies at school and even goes into his own personal story on how he was bullied and how he dealt with it as well as the aftermath.

Master Wong shows how to deal with a school bully
Master Wong shows how to deal with a school bully

The way Master Wong dealt with his bullies was with his fists but that approach led to him getting kicked out of school as most schools have a zero-tolerance policy for violence and they don’t usually see or care what preceded the actual fight.

In the video, Master Wong recommends a more gentle approach that is much less likely to get yourself kicked out of school. Another more ‘gentle’ way to deal with bullies is with grappling techniques. BJJ is also sometimes known as the ‘gentle art’ and, once you learn the proper technique, it is quite easy to neutralize someone who doesn’t grapple without hurting them.

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