Security guard skillfully subdues thug during mass brawl

Monday, May 15, 2017

When all hell broke loose outside the bar in this video, one bouncer kept his cool and used his martial arts skills to stop one of the troublemakers in his tracks.

The brawl took place outside the Saddle Ranch Chop House at Universal Studios in Hollywood, which is themed like a Wild West saloon.

That seemed like a highly appropriate backdrop for this rowdy altercation as half-a-dozen men traded blows, while two yellow-shirted security guards tried their best to bring the situation under control.

They are not the focus of this article, however. Instead, note the third security guard who is successfully managing to hold back another unruly aggressor in the background of the video as it begins.

The camera pans away to follow the other thugs as they continue to throw punches at each other, and when it pans back the guard now has the man pinned on the floor.

However, one of the other troublemakers then returns and aims a kick at the grounded man, before being tackled by several other bouncers.

In the commotion the pinned man is able to get back to his feet and starts to fight back against the security guard who had been dealing with him.

Staying calm in the heat of the moment, the guard takes hold of his attackers outstretched arms and then slickly executes a wrist-lock take down, which enables him to forcefully get the man to the ground, land on top, and still be in complete control of his arm.

That well executed maneuver brings a roar of delight from other innocent bystanders as the situation is finally brought under control.

Throughout the whole situation the guard did an excellent job of maintaining the upper hand against his adversary, while still showing self-restraint and skill to avoid having to resort to more violent techniques that could potentially have landed him in legal trouble afterwards.

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