Shock knife pulled out in live training – someone goes DOWN

Thursday, October 19, 2017

A shock knife is a pretty cool self-defense training tool that is pretty much just what they sound like – a training knife that gives a shock when contact is made.

Compared to standard rubber training knives, shock knives add much more realism to training but still, it is just about next to impossible to replicate what it’s really like to face off against an actual knife in a real-life situation, but they’re probably as close as you can get.

In this video from self-defense YouTube channel Funker Tactical, we see the shock knife in action and it certainly produces the desired effect judging by the reaction of the guy in the video.

As soon as a good strike with the shock knife is made, the recipient goes down from the pain alone. That wouldn’t happen with a rubber knife so it definitely makes it a little more realistic.

However, while many experts agree that shock knife training is great for realism and for testing your abilities, rubber knives and other training tools can still be good for drilling and for learning new techniques.

With all that being said, though, in a real-life situation against an actual knife, running away to safety is always the best option against a knife regardless of how many knife-disarms you practiced in class.

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