THE WORST SITUATION to find yourself in and how to get out of it

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Fighting in the street is never a smart thing to do and should always be avoided at all costs. On the street, there are no rules or referees or a nice matted surface like we see in the UFC/MMA. Not to mention, losing a fight on the street can affect you much worse than losing an MMA fight does, it can mean your life.

In this video from Funker Tactical we find out the worst self-defense situation to find yourself in and how to subsequently get out of it and escape to safety which is always the main goal in any type of street or self-defense situation.

According to Funker Tactical, the worst self-defense situation to find yourself in is to have an attacker on top of you while they’re holding a knife.

Now, just being on the ground with someone on top of you in a street/vault/self-defense situation would be bad enough. That person also having a knife would make it even far worse than that which most people probably wouldn’t escape from.

In the video, we find out a cool way to reverse the attacker’s position on the ground and end up on top of them where you control the knife and rain down blows. Check out the video below and find out for yourself.

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