These 5 mistakes will make you rethink your self-defense skills

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

In the martial arts world, there are a lot of so-called self-defense experts who offer some seriously bad advice that can get you into a great deal of trouble.

Self-defense expert and former bouncer Nick Drossos is not one of them and he is usually spot on with his advice. In this video, Nick breaks down the biggest self-defense mistakes people make and how to prevent yourself from doing the same.

According to Nick, the first mistake people tend to make when it comes to self-defense is a lack of awareness. So many people out there, especially young people, believe nothing bad is ever going to happen to them and that they are invincible. In any kind of confrontation, it is always important to simply stay out of arm’s reach out of someone who may wish to hit you. Unfortunately, we are all susceptible to a sucker punch and if you are within someone’s reach if can happen to you too.

Another big mistake people make is keeping their hands down. Even before anything physical happens this is a big mistake. You don’t have to keep your hands in a boxing stance but like Nick recommends, you can cross your arms or hold your hands in a way that’s not aggressive but still held high and ready to defend.

Watch this video below to find out 3 other BIG self-defense mistakes that people make and how to prevent yourself from doing the same thing.

Nick Drossos is dedicated to teaching self-defense that will keep you and your loved ones safe from any violent encounter/conflict. His methods and advice will show you how to defend yourself against physical, verbal and psychological attacks. Whatever your age, gender or fitness level, you can benefit from Nick’s self-defense strategies and experience. Nick grew up in a lower-class neighborhood and often being picked on and bullied created a situation where he had to fend for himself. This difficult background led him to start learning traditional martial arts, such as Kung Fu, Taekwondo, and later Boxing, kickboxing, MMA, and various Reality-Based self-defense systems. [Source:]

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