Troublemaker starts fight she can’t finish

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Attempting to start a fight with a neighbor on their own front porch is just asking for trouble, and the instigator in this video’s failure to heed her rival’s repeated warnings to leave would lead to her getting a swift dose of street justice.

The video footage was taken by an onlooker, and from the very start it shows that the woman in the black tank top named Tanya, was giving the troublemaker in the gray t-shirt and joggers, Krysta, every opportunity to just walk away.

Krysta just continually ignored her though, demanding that Tanya tell her what she’d been saying on the phone about her.

Krysta then began to get physical by lightly hitting Tanya on the arm with a bottle she was holding in her hand.

Despite the continued provocation, Tanya attempted to keep her cool by laughing it off, while verbally indicating that it was a bad idea for them to get into a fight.

”You think it’s a joke?” Tanya asked in disbelief. “It’s not funny. I don’t even play with little girls like you. It’s not worth it. You’re not worth it. You’re not worth going to jail, you’re just not worth nothing.”

The message simply wasn’t getting through to Krysta though, who continued to play with fire by hitting her with the bottle and then moving right up into her face in an intimidating fashion as she asked in a stunted fashion, “who…is…going…to…jail?”

That was the final straw for Tanya who suddenly unleashed a hard right hand flush to Krysta’s face and then followed up by repeatedly blasting her with more punches.

As a result, the troublemaker, who moments ago had been so intent on starting trouble, was now left cowering on the ground begging for her rival to stop beating her up!

Tanya came across from the start as someone who was confident in their ability to handle themselves, and indeed she was able to prove that in the end, but she deserves credit for making multiple attempts to avoid fighting, before finally deciding that she had to defend herself.

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