15 times MMA fighters threw down OUTSIDE the cage

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Fighting in the streets is something that should be avoided at all costs – PERIOD! There is just way too much risk and zero rewards and the VAST majority of MMA fighters and martial artists are aware of this and therefore avoid fights at all costs.

MMA fighters are a complicated bunch, though, and the same type of mentality to want to fight in a cage for a living can sometimes be the same type of mind to throw down when felt challenged or disrespected.

In the following video, we see some rare instances that were caught on camera when tensions boiled over and professionally trained MMA fighters made an error in judgment and threw down outside of the ring/cage.

The CRAZIEST MMA street fights caught on video
The CRAZIEST MMA street fights caught on video

One somewhat recent example took place at a UFC press conference of all places and was between UFC lightweights Kevin Lee and Michael Chiesa. Kevin Lee made a comment about Chiesa’s mother that was actually quite mild but perhaps Chiesa just doesn’t like anybody, especially an opponent, talking about his mom.

Chiesa lost his temper and charged at Lee who responded by popping Chiesa with a punch but, thankfully, it was quickly broken up and no one appeared to be hurt. The pair ended up fighting for real at UFC Fight Night: Chiesa vs. Lee in June of last year where Kevin Lee won by submission.

Another one from a press conference involved UFC greats, Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier. The feuding pair came to blows when they got a little too close and DC put his hands on Jones who responded by popping him in the face in a chaotic scene.

Check out the above video to see some other examples of MMA fighter involved street fights including one involving UFC legend, Don Frye, who would surprisingly meet his match in a boxing trainer/bounty hunter from reality show Dog the Bounty Hunter.

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