180lb MMA fighter vs. 250lb street fighter – doesn’t last long

Monday, April 17, 2017

So many people out there fail to understand the tremendous advantage a competitive MMA fighter possesses over your average person. In order to compete in MMA, you have to put in a ton of time in the gym honing your skills and practicing proper technique.

In the following video from the guys at Street Beefs, we see what happens when an MMA fighter goes up against a street fighter who outweighs him by 70lbs. Though the street fighter is certainly a big, tough dude, the disparity in skill is quite dramatic.

The MMA fighter, known here simply as Jai, lands some heavy punches early on his larger foe which forces him to shoot in for a take down. Trying to take down an MMA fighter in a street fight is never a good idea though as the disparity in skill is usually even more dramatic on the ground.

The street fighter here, named Vandal, took a couple solid shots on the ground but actually did a pretty good job getting back to his feet without getting finished or taking too much damage.

Once the fight gets back to the feet, the action really starts to heat up. The MMA fighter, Jai, lands a massive uppercut at 1:13 and it’s actually kind of impressive how the big man just ate it.

The fight ends shortly thereafter following a break in the action after a big left hook from the MMA fighter lands hard, forcing the big man to surrender.

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