Monday, September 18, 2017

Back in the early nineties, the Ultimate Fighting Championship was originally conceived with one question in mind; which martial arts style is superior in a no holds barred contest? Would it be the likes of Karate or Wrestling or Boxing, Sumo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kung Fu, Savate etc?

Fast forward to the present day cross-training between disciplines in the norm and mixed martial arts has become a style in and of itself, but this has also influenced the way people fight in the street. These days the average Joe does more wing right hands as they are somewhat more familiar (although not technically sound) in basic wrestling, submissions and other striking techniques due the effect mixed martial arts has had on pop culture.

In the following video, this is displayed in full effect as two men appear to agree to a consensual street fight, with no protective gear and by the looks of it no rules either.

The fighter wearing the singlet gets into a stance his hands up to his body and then quickly switches to wrestling mode going for an extremely sloppy and telegraphed single leg takedown. The shirtless fighter plays the part of a matador and simply steps to the side to avoid the possibility of a grappling exchange.

Singlet fighter having just missed his shot is now on the ground but before he can even think of his next move the shirtless fighter comes in with a flying soccer kick which knocks the singlet fighter out cold.

The lesson to be learned here is to learn how properly to set up your takedowns as well as training in the safety of a gym to avoid potentially fatal injuries.

Check out the entire fight below.

Author: Nic is a designer and illustrator alongside being a martial arts enthusiast. You can find some of his pop culture illustrative work for purchase here.

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