Saturday, December 16, 2017

In this video from the guys at Streetbeefs, we see an alleged biker settle a beef against one of Streetbeef’s mainstays, the Iraqi Assassin, over a tattoo payment that went awry.

According to the video description,

it was over a supposed Tattoo that he paid a member of the MONGOLS to do that was never done..(tweak claims otherwise) after weeks of failed negotiations, they decided to take it to the yard!

While the Streetbeefs fighters are certainly always tough, they can range quite wildly in terms of skill and ability. There have even been quite a few guys who fought in their organization who, with a little more legitimate MMA training under their belt, could make pretty good MMA fighters I’d reckon.

CRAZY brawl involving biker over tattoo - ends decisively
CRAZY brawl involving biker over tattoo – ends decisively

The guys settling the beef in this video would be an example of those such fighters. This is actually one of the better fights from the guys at Streetbeefs.  It has everything a good fight should have – it’s an evenly matched affair with swings of momentum that involves striking, grappling, and a finish. Not to mention an interesting backstory with some bad blood too.

The so-called ‘Iraqi Assassin’ clearly has the edge in the standup department but, surprisingly enough almost, it’s actually the biker, named ‘Tweak’, who possesses the edge on the ground in the grappling department.

Watch the video below to see how it ends.

After years of watching people in my area severely hurt each other over various disputes, I decided to offer a solution. Come to SATAN’S BACKYARD and put gloves on to settle your dispute. No guns, no knives, no gang of friends jumping in. Just you, your foe, the referee, and a group of spectators. I’ve settled hundreds of disputes in our area with this method, and hope to settle THOUSANDS more, all while entertaining my viewers. Some fights are sporting, some beef, all entertaining. [Source: YouTube]

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