Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Fighting in the street is an incredibly foolish and dangerous thing to do in more aspects than one.

For one, you can get seriously hurt or injured yourself and, not only that, but you can even get yourself into some serious legal trouble as well. Also, if you yourself have any sort of martial arts or MMA training, you can potentially seriously injure someone over what is usually a trivial matter that could have been avoided.

A self-defense situation is, of course, a completely different thing, however, but that is not exactly quite what we see in this particular video.

We see one guy clearly instigating things at the beginning of the video, yet it is still the long-haired gentleman, who may or may not be trained, who throws the first strike. He does end up trying to walk away after quickly disposing of him at the beginning but the other guy continues to pursue.

CRAZY street fight ends with MMA technique
CRAZY street fight ends with MMA technique

The long-haired guy may indeed have some sort of training, as he is clearly the MUCH superior fighter, but probably not at a very high level if so.

Had he actually been a legitimately trained fighter, as the video title speculates, I reckon he would have ended things a little more emphatically during the beginning exchange. Also, had he been an actual martial artist, he probably would have done a better job trying to de-escalate the situation and wait until he had no other options available before throwing that first strike.

As previously mentioned, street fighting is an incredibly dangerous and foolish thing to do and people die from it quite frequently. One of the most dangerous things about it is when people get knocked out then fall back and smack their head on the pavement. Both guys in this video should consider themselves lucky that that didn’t happen to them here.

Check out the above video to see the MMA technique that finally finished the fight.

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