DEVASTATING strike ends backyard brawl in violent fashion

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

In this fight from the guys at Streetbeefs, we see one of Streetbeefs’ mainstays, Corey Guns, take on a big, athletic football player who goes by the name of ‘Kountry Hoodlum’ and it ends quite viciously.

Allegedly, Corey Guns has a background in wrestling, probably not at a very high level I’d reckon, but he is usually successful with his takedowns in most of his Streetbeefs bouts.

However, what we see in this one is that the football player actually has a pretty good sprawl of his own that completely nullifies Corey’s takedown ability. Not only that, but he is also noticeably larger and appears to be much more athletic as well.

DEVASTATING strike ends backyard brawl in VIOLENT fashion
DEVASTATING strike ends backyard brawl in VIOLENT fashion

Now, most of the time when someone with a background in wrestling fights an unskilled opponent, the wrestler is more often than not going to come out on top, both literally and figuratively. However, size, strength, and athleticism all play a factor in fighting as well – not to mention power, which we find out here is something that ‘The Kountry Hoodlum’ is certainly not lacking in.

As far an amateur, underground, backyard MMA brawlers go, Corey Guns is a pretty tough customer but he gets overwhelmed here and walloped pretty good. The fight finally comes to an end after a BRUTAL punch lands from the much larger football player.

Check out the video below and see for yourself.

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