Footage shows bus driver attack thwarted by cane-wielding man

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Not all heroes wear capes but some do wield canes — at least that was the case on this Kansas City bus.

It was an early January morning in Missouri and a random act of violence brought forth an out-of-the-ordinary hero to intervene.

The footage shows a deranged man approaching and putting his hands on a Kansas City bus driver. The assailant then grabs her from behind and attempts to put his hands around the now panicking woman’s neck. Answering her cries for help is an unlikely, but courageous senior citizen brandishing a cane.

One swift blow to the back was all it took to stun the attacker. The woman then escapes through the bus door and what happens next is an exemplary display of actions having consequences.

Bystanders watch as our hero of the night begins an onslaught of cane strikes to subdue the attacker…and maybe a few for good measure.

Nevertheless, the man makes sure to not give the attacker a chance of assaulting him or any other of the other passengers still on the bus. The bus driver is then seen outside of the bus dialing the police.

Bus driver attack thwarted by cane-wielding man
Bus driver attack thwarted by cane-wielding man

The man is able to keep the attacker down until police arrive on the scene and arrest the assailant for his assault.

During the onslaught, the Good Samaritan’s cane is believed to have been broken. Kansas City transportation officials are still looking for the man so they can replace is cane and give him free bus passes.

It’s not clear why this random act of violence started but it’s likely that the attacker is going to have second thoughts about trying it again. It’s good to see that the courage and kindness of strangers can still come to your rescue in a pinch – and sometimes in the most unlikely of forms.

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