Guy attacks cop – homeless man steps in

Friday, March 03, 2017

A homeless man became an unlikely hero when he intervened to save a police officer under attack from an out-of-control man who was high on drugs at the time.

The incident took place outside The Bridge Shelter in Dallas, Texas and involved a man named Samuel Dewey Jackson, who was allegedly high on PCP and had reportedly already assaulted several homeless people when he turned his attention to Officer Billy Taylor.

One of the people who witnessed Officer Taylor being beaten was a former Crip gang-leader turned homeless man, Charles Alexander.

Alexander told a local CBS affiliate in Dallas that the attacker was “going ballistic,” and though the officer had his baton drawn, “it wasn’t doing any good because [Jackson] was really pc’d out,” so he decided that he needed to act to help him.

The 45-year-old Alexander ran across the street and was able to drag Jackson away from the injured officer and is then seen on CCTV footage body-slamming him onto the road and then helps subdue him just as other police cars arrive on the scene.

Officer Taylor sustained several injuries in the attack, including dislocated fingers, but made a full recovery and was only too happy to publicly thank Alexander for his good deed during an official ceremony to award the hero of the hour a certificate of merit from the Dallas Police Department.

I wish we had more people like him,”Taylor told CBS Local. “From knowing his background …to what he did…you wouldn’t have thought he wouldn’t have done that.”

For his part, Alexander said he was just following his instincts and doing what he thought was right in the heat of the moment.

That’s my nature I don’t like violence” Alexander said. “I know what’s said about me in the paper and on the street but I don’t like the violence. I had to do something its just the way I am.”

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