Guy decimates multiple opponents after being attacked

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Fighting more than one guy at once is always a very dangerous situation that even the most seasoned martial artists will avoid at all costs. The odds of winning are very slim and the chances of getting seriously hurt are sky high.

When it comes to martial arts that are effective against multiple assailants not all are created equally either. Grappling for instance, while being extremely effective in a one on one fight is not going to be particularly effective against a group of people. You can’t exactly double leg more than one guy at once and what do you think his friends are going to do while you are applying a submission to one person?

Striking appears to be the most effective when dealing with multiple opponents as you can easily move from one guy to the next quite rapidly. In this YouTube video we see a man able to decimate a group quite easily after being attacked, using striking.

Though the video hints at him being a boxer, that is debatable as he looks to be quite sloppy at times. Though on the other hand some of his punches look to be quite crisp (particularly his left hook) and he sure is effective with them as he easily mows through this group after being attacked.


The video begins with a group having an issue with the chubby dude in the white shirt (the alleged ‘boxer’). He is not the one that first makes it physical however. You see a member of the group start it by trying to take him down with a lousy double leg take down attempt then all hell breaks loose.

He quickly dispatches the initial attacker with a rapid fire combination before moving onto his friends who he deems guilty by association. He completely overwhelms this group quite ruthlessly, easily dropping multiple guys before taking off into the night without taking any sort of damage.

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