Guy shows solid MMA techniques in street fight

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The man wearing a bright yellow shirt in the following footage didn’t beat his opponent once, but twice in the same altercation. It’s obvious the man has trained in MMA, at least a little, and you’ll soon understand why.

The fight actually starts with the yellow shirt guy being knocked off balance by a powerful punch. He’s back up right away, though, and manages to secure a smooth takedown. He immediately gets to the mount and ground and pounds his opponent into oblivion. 1-0.

The fight is broken up by the bystanders but resumes moments later. And this time it’s the man in yellow who lands a brutal straight right that lands and gets the crowd cheering. He follows up with a swift check hook that dazes his opponent. The yellow shirt guy goes for a head kick but barely misses. He lands another punch and is now clinching his opponent. He’s trying to get a single leg on him but the man with the white shoes defends it pretty well and refuses to go to the ground. What’s more, he’s now threatening the neck of the guy with the yellow shirt.

MMA trained fighter showcases exquisite technique in street fight
MMA trained fighter showcases exquisite technique in street fight

Yellow shirt finds himself in a tough spot but doesn’t give up. In a moment of pure awesomeness, he gets an underhook on his opponent, drops his weight, and pivots around his foe’s leg. The latter immediately gets knocked off balance by the beautiful sweep. Seriously, that got to be one of the smoothest techniques ever pulled off in a street fight. Yellow shirt lands on his back and works his way toward another finish.

And he gets it! He has little trouble getting his opponent’s back and sinking in the rear-naked choke. Yellow shirt guy: 2 – Black shirt guy: 0 – Hopefully, someone will get this kid in an MMA cage because he sure has potential!

To be clear, we do not condone fighting outside of a ring or cage. Fighting should only be done in a sanctioned setting, an act of self-defense, or protecting someone else’s well-being.

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