Guy with MMA training takes on group of security guards

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Although mixed martial arts is widely accepted as the optimal way to prepare a person for unarmed combat; taking the best from standup striking, wrestling as well as grappling, it does, however, come with its own limitations.

For example, standard mixed martial arts training needs to be supplemented when addressing the scenarios of taking on an opponent wielding a weapon such as a knife or a club. Another example that doesn’t get addressed is fighting multiple opponents, which this man discovered the hard way.

In the following clips, a man who looks to possess some mixed martial arts is squaring off against a group of security guards in the lobby of a condo in Selangor, Malaysia.

According to the YouTube video description, the person in question was trying to enter a Condo which he did not have authorization to and this is when things got ugly.

It’s unknown who threw the first strike, but the video cuts to one of the security guards looking like they had just thrown a kick and are in the midst of resetting.

From here the MMA guy responds with his own low kick only to get taken down before scrambling to mount. But before he can do any damage from the mount, two more security guards intervene by pulling the guy off their colleague and proceed to grab all of his limbs while clubbing him relentlessly with their batons. Once the guards have more control, they proceed to tie up the guy with a rope effectively ending the situation.

Lesson to be learned, just because you train MMA doesn’t guarantee success against multiple opponents who also have weapons. Check out the full clip below.

Author: Nic is a designer and illustrator alongside being a martial arts enthusiast. You can find some of his pop culture illustrative work for purchase here.

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