High school students throw down: MMA vs. Taekwondo

Saturday, October 14, 2017

In this after-school street fight, a taekwondo practitioner is seen taking on an opponent who has trained in mixed martial arts.

The action takes place in a parking lot at a retail outlet between two youths who appear to have mutually agreed to fight to test their skills, rather than due to any real bad blood between them.

The significantly taller, lankier youth in the blue tank top has been training in taekwondo and he fires off some initial flashy kicks to start with that don’t find the target, enabling his MMA trained opponent to catch one and then transition to a double-leg takedown.

Taekwondo guy is out of his element on the ground, and though he briefly attempts to scramble to his feet, he ends up having his back taken and is tapped out by a rear-naked choke submission.

That should have been game over, but MMA guy is taunting his opponent, telling him that was “too easy” and that he “ain’t sh*t,” and so it’s not long before they are back fighting again.

MMA guy’s cockiness is to his own detriment now as he presses forward with his hands down and his chin up, trying to match his opponent’s striking with a sloppy series of kicks that don’t make much of an impact, leading to him being clocked by a right cross counter that bloodies his nose.

MMA guy persists in trying to strike, but it’s his opponent who connects more cleanly with a right hook to the nose and a body kick.

However, he does then catch another body kick and takes out his opponent’s other leg to get him down, but then loses his balance and is unable to secure the position.

MMA guy then lands one last body kick and gets stung with a right-hand counter to his already damaged nose before a police car shows up and the fight ends with a sporting shaking hands.

If MMA guy had just quit while he was ahead he’d likely have been going home a clear winner and without the bloodied nose, but his cocky attitude and over-confidence in his striking rather than continuing to focus on his grappling led to a much closer contest.

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