How to defeat a “World Star Hip-hop” fighter in a street fight

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

You know you’ve ventured down a weird rabbit hole of the internet when you hear “world star!” and somebody is getting knocked out cold on video.

While most of the guys who engage in these kinds of fights are unskilled street fighters, if you are unskilled yourself you could very well find yourself on the losing end of one of these videos.

This video from MMA Shredded has your back, though, as professional MMA fighter Jeff Chan explains how to beat these kinds of guys at their own game.

Of course, fighting in the streets should always be avoided at all costs and you should only fight when you have no other choice which is only going to be in a self-defense situation.

Though, while most of the kind of unskilled guys in the ‘World Star’ videos don’t follow that rule, walking away and living to fight another day is always the best solution.

When no other option is available, however, as outlined in the video, pro fighter Jeff Chan has a few tips that could easily defeat these type of street fighters.

For fighters who like to stand and trade in the pocket whilst leaning back, Jeff recommends taking them down to the ground where the VAST majority of people have no clue how to properly defend themselves.

Although, on the other hand, many other self-defense experts do not recommend going to the ground in a street fight as it leaves you open to stomps, soccer kicks and other attacks from an intervening third party, and you won’t see it coming.

Jeff’s other strategy to beat a so-called ‘world star hip hop fighter’ in the street is with leg kicks. Much like ground fighting, most unskilled street fighters have no idea have to defend the low kick and can easily be dispatched of with this technique. However, if you want to kick with any kind of effectiveness you probably have to already have some training under your belt.

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