Karate black belt vs. HUGE football player in unsanctioned fight

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

In this video from the guys at Streetbeefs, we see what happens when a black belt in karate takes on one of Streetbeefs’ more intimidating and powerful fighters who is also a football player, named ‘Kuntry Hoodlum’.

For those not aware, Streetbeefs is a backyard type of MMA promotion/league that is quite popular on YouTube. They’ve been around for a while and is used primarily as a way to settle disputes between feuding individuals in a more constructive manner.

Their fighters vary quite wildly in ability and you have some guys who really have no ability whatsoever, and then have guys who are legitimate professional fighters.

While this ‘Kuntry Hoodlum’ fellow in this video isn’t the most technical, he is certainly a very powerful and intimidating dude. Even though the weight is allegedly the same for these two guys, the football player, Kuntry Hoodlum, is clearly built way more sturdy and powerfully.

Karate black belt takes on a HUGE football player in unsanctioned fight
Karate black belt takes on a HUGE football player in unsanctioned fight

In a previous bout, he brutally knocked out one of Streetbeefs’ mainstays, Corey Guns, who he himself is a pretty tough dude with alleged wrestling experience on his side as well.

What I find interesting about this fight is that this karate dude doesn’t get absolutely clobbered despite being obviously outmatched in the physicality department.

While karate itself is not the most effective style and its practitioners can vary quite wildly, what I find about a lot of them is that they are often ‘scrappy’ if that makes sense.

Though the karate guy doesn’t get the win here, the fact that he doesn’t get KO’d here and makes a fight out of it is still pretty impressive. Check out the video below to see how it ends.

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