Kid who knows martial arts gets jumped – situation escalates

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A background in martial arts can give you a huge advantage over your average untrained person, but fighting more than one person at a time is still not good odds for anybody.

In the following video we see what happens when an alleged martial artist gets into a street fight with one guy then escalates further from there.

This video really shows why you should never willfully get into a street fight. If you have a choice, walking away is always the best thing to do. There are no rules in a street fight, anything can happen and you can get seriously hurt. Or if you are a trained martial artist you could potentially seriously hurt someone else over what is usually he said, she said trivial nonsense.

If the kid in the following video really is a martial artist, he should have known better than to engage in a street fight. Though on the other hand, they all appear to be quite young here and young people aren’t always known for making the best decisions.

Once the fight starts, the alleged martial artists opening move is a very cool, flying, spinning wheel kick which probably means he has a background in a traditional martial art like taekwondo or maybe even karate. He even follows that up with a nice spinning back fist but it doesn’t really land.

From there the situation escalates a lot further and very quickly when a buddy of the guy he’s fighting jumps in. This really shows why even as a martial artist you should never engage in street fights as your opponent or opponents in this case are probably not going to play by the rules.

After taking some punishment the alleged martial artist takes it to another level when he goes an grabs a weapon which make his opponents finally back off, though it could have ended a lot worse for all involved here.

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