Large kid learns hard lesson in skate park fight

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Size isn’t everything in a street fight, as the smaller kid in this altercation ably demonstrates.

The fight took place at a busy skatepark, but the exact circumstances that led to the two locking horns are unclear.

Video footage shows a heavy-set teenager climbing down to a lower tier of the park to confront a significantly smaller kid, while a group of skaters enthusiastically goad them on from the sidelines.

As they get closer to each other it become apparent just how much of a ‘David Vs Goliath’ style match-up this is, as the kid in the gray t-shirt has a major height and weight advantage over his rival.

Nevertheless, ‘David’ doesn’t attempt to back down from the fight and they soon get to the business at hand, with ‘Goliath’ immediately looking to close the distance and let his hands go with a series of punches.

However, his blows are ineffectual, and in the mean time ‘David’ is able to get a body lock and then step around to take his back.

Despite ‘Goliath’s’ bulk, ‘David’s’ wrestling technique enables him to use the back body lock to lift his rival up, turn and throw him to the concrete.

The skaters watching start cheering, laughing and shouting “yes!” as ‘David’ Lands heavily on top, then stands over his rival and blasts him with repeated punches to the head.

’Goliath’ tries to get to his knees and stand, but as the blows keep raining down he flops to his back and gives up.

’David’ walks away, but to his credit he then jogs back and offers to help his still dazed opponent back to his feet.

We certainly don’t condone getting into fights like this and would always recommend that you avoid getting into a physical altercation if at all possible.

That being said, videos like this show that in a self-defense situation, having superior technique can successfully overcome a size disadvantage.

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