Larger guys get blasted vs. much smaller guy with boxing skills

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

High school is a very peculiar place in many regards and oftentimes is more akin to a psychotherapist’s social experiment rather than an institution of higher learning.  With the plethora of different types of personalities at various stages of development all gathered together in one place for prolonged periods of time there are bound to be some issues.

The primary issue, particularly among the male population, seems to be a show of aggression to solve a preconceived problem, i.e. fights.  As entertaining as these are they can definitely become very dangerous very quickly and neither myself nor condones violence in any manner whatsoever, however; for the most part, they are relatively harmless and are a way for young developing adolescents to work out their differences.

One of the most intriguing aspects of any fight, particularly a street fight, is not only the ability level of the two combatants but also the size difference.

In the video below we get a good mixture of both to answer a fundamental question:

What would happen if a much smaller guy took on a gentleman nearly twice his size, however; the little guy had some pretty decent boxing skills? The aforementioned scenario would provide the little guy with not only a skill advantage but also a significant speed advantage compare to the much larger man’s size and strength advantage.

That question is addressed in the video below as, what appears to be two teenage boys, engage in a physical altercation somewhat resembling a bare-knuckle boxing match. So will size and strength prevail over skill and speed? Check out the video below to find out.

Jacob C. Stevens is a lifelong athlete and cerebral martial arts enthusiast who is also skilled in the art of linguistic manipulation, his published work, Afterthoughts and Handgrenades, can be found here…

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