Martial artist tangles with 2 road-raging attackers at once

Friday, May 12, 2017

There is a common belief that, in moments of intense pressure, heroes rise to the occasion. This may be the case when a fireman executes a daring rescue in the midst of impossible circumstances. But in martial arts, there are no heroes. Fighters don’t rise to the occasion. Instead, they sink to the level of their training. Triumph is earned through preparation and discipline.

Here we see just that. A man sinking… to a very high level of training.

When faced with a rounders (the English predecessor of Baseball) bat wielding attacker, the martial artist calmly leans back and immediately throws a counter right straight punch with such fluidity that he likely did not even plan the action. It seems instinctual: a reflex built from years of training.

His level of training evidently includes a high level of grappling as well. Mere seconds after Attacker #1 is put to sleep with one punch, the martial artist finds himself in a deep double leg takedown attempt, with his back pinned towards his own car. Yet again, he resorts to his training. By using both hands to control the head of Attacker #2 (in what is known as the Muay Thai Clinch), he is able to reverse the takedown attempt and get himself into top position. He then proceeds to take his assailant’s back and finished a rear-naked-choke. Effectively sending the assailant to reunite with his friend in dreamland.

Martial artist tangles with 2 road-raging attackers at once
Martial artist tangles with 2 road-raging attackers at once

All without removing his hat.

A true martial artist embodies two traits: alertness in situations of calm; and composure in situations of chaos.

The highly skilled individual in the video displayed a mastery of both traits. He displayed alertness, by seamlessly transitioning from a leisurely drive into a no-holds-barred fight against two assailants. Additionally, he displayed composure by choosing to rely on his boxing training, while facing an armed opponent. Further composure is exhibited when he is forced to completely shift his focus to grappling techniques, which he transitions into without hesitation.

The protagonist proved himself to be an elite martial artist. At the same time, he proved himself to be a brave human being. Period. This is evident by his willingness to exit his vehicle and face the Negan (The Walking Dead) inspired aggressor in the first place. When you consider that the threat of encountering a deadly weapon would’ve caused the vast majority of people to lock their car doors and hide within the safe confines of their vehicle, this man truly distinguished himself above the rest.

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