Martial arts works perfectly on drunken vandals

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Most people out there have no idea how to fight properly. They may think they do, especially after they have a few beers. But they really don’t.

Unless you have spent a solid portion your life training in the martial arts, you may very well be one of those unskilled many like the two drunken vandals we see in this video from Sovetsky, Russia.

We see in the video, the two drunken punks decide to punch and kick the door of a local store for some reason. Little did they know, the shop keep knew how to fight and most likely has an extensive background in martial arts judging by how he deals with them so effortlessly.

The shopkeeper assesses the damage and confronts the vandals. He effortlessly tosses the first one to the ground with a very cool throw that hints at a background in judo which is a pretty common martial art in Russia.

Judo is actually very street applicable as the grips you use on the gi during training easily translates to the street as you can grip someone’s clothes/jackets the same way you do in training/competition.

But how he deals with the second punk leads us to believe he may be more than just a grappler as he drops the second guy with one punch like he was a boxer as well.

Fighting more than one person at once is a very dangerous situation that should be avoided at all costs (like any kind of unsanctioned street fighting!), but the way this shop keeper deals with them so effortlessly really demonstrates the effectiveness of martial arts.

Also, towards the end of the video you see the shop keeper check on the condition of the first guy he judo tossed to the ground which is very cool to see. So often in these kind of situations you see someone go overboard but instead of kicking his downed opponent he showed mercy and made sure he was okay which is another indication of a martial arts background.

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