Friday, August 25, 2017

The difference in ability between a professional level MMA fighter and your average Joe is like night and day and something that many people fail to realize.

In this video from YouTube channel MMA Shredded, we see an example of that massive discrepancy in skill as a professional level MMA fighter challenges random people on the street to see if they can try to hit him.

The MMA fighter is named Jeff Chan who fights at featherweight (145lbs) and currently has a 2-1 record as a professional.

Jeff is all about demonstrating his defensive skills in this video, not trying to hit back and focuses on utilizing the long guard (similar to Conor McGregor’s style) as well as head movement.

Now, head movement can be a subtle thing that even many high-level MMA fighters sometimes forget to do during their fights it seems. Not only is it important to have a moving target which makes it harder to be hit, but it also opens up countering opportunities even more so than blocking or parrying as defending with your head leaves your hands free to attack instantaneously.

For example, pound for pound great Floyd Mayweather Jr. utilizes excellent head movement during his fights which is a big reason why he’s been hit so little in his career and why he’s been so successful.

In the video below, the MMA fighter Jeff Chan seems to use blocking and his long guard much more so than head movement but around the 2:15 mark of the video you see an excellent example of some slick head movement.

While this video is a really good demonstration of the importance of defensive skills, challenging random people on the street to try to hit you is never all that great of an idea and would be much safer to do in a gym type setting.

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