Muay Thai champ arrested after shocking road rage beatdown

Friday, April 07, 2017

A former Muay Thai champion has been charged by police after a shocking road rage incident in Australia that resulted in a father and daughter being violently assaulted.

The incident occurred in Surfers Paradise, a resort in Queensland on Saturday, January 28th and was captured on film by a nearby resident in the neighborhood.

At the center of the story is 30-year-old Daniel Valusaga, a former WBC Australian Muay Thai champion who had been nominated for ‘Male Pro-Fighter Of The Year’ at the Australian Muay Thai Awards in 2015.

Valusaga is believed to have instigated the trouble after initially beeping his horn at the 52-year-old Nathan Harris due to the fact that he was double-parked, then getting out of his vehicle to confront him.

Video footage captured the moment the seemingly innocuous incident turned violent as Valusaga stood in a fighting stance next to the blue station wagon driven by Harris, whose wife and daughter were in the passenger seats.

As soon as Mr. Harris exited his vehicle he was punched in the face by Valusaga, with several more blows following afterwards.

Harris’ 20-year-old daughter then intervened by getting in-between the two men and repeatedly shouted ‘stop it’, but disturbingly Valusaga then punched her in the face as well.

Valusaga then turned his attention back to Mr. Harris and landed a right hook that knocked him out cold, with his head also striking the ground as he fell.

His brave daughter continued to try to hold back her attacker, receiving another blow to the face in the process, before she moved away to tend to her father and Valusaga fled the scene.

Mr. Harris reportedly remained unconscious for five minutes, but he was later released from hospital after receiving treatment, while his daughter suffered a swollen jaw in the attack.

“She can’t smile,” Mr. Harris told 9News. “Every time she tries to smile it hurts.”

Valusaga turned himself into police a day later and was charged with two counts of assault occasioning bodily harm.

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