Never mess with the person handling your food

Monday, February 13, 2017

Conventional wisdom dictates that antagonizing the person handling your food is a big mistake, but apparently this irate customer ignored that advice and ended up being force-fed something that wasn’t on the menu!

It’s not clear what sparked off the initial disagreement, but the incident was captured on CCTV and begins with the customer, dressed in all black, shouting angrily at a street vendor wearing the black and red jacket.

The customer repeatedly gets right in the face of the vendor in an aggressive fashion as he berates him, and each time he is pushed away.

The situation escalates further when the customer raises his hand up and appears to slap the vendor, who then drops the container he’s been clutching in his right hand in order to better defend himself.

He shoves the troublemaker away more firmly, but unfortunately the man is in too much of a rage to just walk away and instead continues to act in a physically and verbally intimidating manner.

So far the vendor has only been standing his ground and keeping his harasser at bay, but with things only getting more heated he finally decides to retaliate.

The vendor suddenly throws a left hook that grazes his adversary’s chin, but the right hand behind it lands flush to the face and knocks the man out cold, toppling him onto the roadside like a felled tree.

Thankfully the vendor immediately stops fighting and a few bystanders then make a common mistake you often see in situations like this by trying to force the still unconscious customer back to his feet, rather than leaving him where he is to regain his senses.

Hopefully the man wasn’t too badly hurt, but this felt like a situation that was very much of his own doing due to his failure to control his own temper.

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