Older man UNLOADS on younger bodybuilder during road rage fight

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

This video just goes to show you why you should never judge a book by its cover nor should you ever willfully engage in a street fight at all, to begin with for that matter.

In the video, we see an older man and a younger guy, who looks to be a bodybuilder of some sort, engaging in a heated road rage altercation and, surprisingly enough, it doesn’t go so well for the younger guy.

The older guy looks to be in his forties, perhaps even fifties, while the younger guy appears to be in his twenties or thirties and seems to be much larger as well.

All that muscle proves to be utterly worthless here, at least in terms of fighting ability, because as soon as the video begins we see the older guy unloading a vicious combination that completely overwhelms the young guy who intelligently realizes he’s in over his head and escapes the situation.

In the bodybuilder’s defense, however, at least he knows to cover up fairly well and does a pretty good job at minimizing the damage and, as previously stated, knows when he’s been licked and walks (more like runs!) away.

Obviously, engaging in street fights like this one should always be avoided but tempers have a tendency to flare up on the road as people’s carelessness can and often does result in death or serious injury.

What’s kind of good to see for a change in this one too is how the conflict doesn’t go too far and when the young guy has enough of the drumming and walks away, the older guy does the same and doesn’t escalate the situation.

Abit of road rage… Older bloke going in!

Posted by Mount Viral on Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Perhaps even the older guy may have a boxing background of some sort, as we can clearly see in the above video, his hands are certainly very fast and powerful.

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