Powerful Russian truck driver battles MMA fighter – ends in KO but not how you think

Monday, October 16, 2017

If you’re fond of wild, freakshow-style fights let me inform you that two particular places should catch your attention: Japan and Russia.

While the former has a long history of featuring freakshow fights the latter is slowly getting in on the scene. A trend that has emerged lately from the former Soviet Union is organizing MMA fights on an improvised ring made of rope and with sand instead of a normal canvas. Why sand, you might ask? Because, Russia, that’s why.

Those Russian fights often feature an MMA fighter battling an inexperienced man. Inexperienced doesn’t mean innocuous, though. The appeal of this Russian-style Fight Club is that there’s usually a wide weight difference between the competitors. So albeit the MMA fighter does have an advantage when it comes to actual techniques he’s still battling a dangerous opponent.

The following footage features a wild bout between an MMA fighter and a truck driver. A truck driver that could probably crush a coconut in his hand, should I precise. Just look at the guy’s size. He looks like a mini Mariusz Pudzianowski.

Stocky Russian truck driver battles MMA fighter
Stocky Russian truck driver battles MMA fighter

The bout starts and the stocky truck driver is doing surprisingly well. He’s mixing up leg kicks and punches. Although he often missed with his big swings he does get a takedown at the 2:10 min mark. There, he’s able to unleash some powerful ground and pound, notably a demi-dozen strike to the back of the head that would probably make any UFC referee cringe. After some stalling on the ground, the fight is restarted on the feet. The truck driver is still looking to land a big overhand right…

And he does so after four minutes of fighting with a monstrous overhand that catches the MMA fighter on the chin. Boom, the fight’s over. Who’d have bet on the truck driver?

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