Pro MMA fighters settle their beef outside of the cage

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Oftentimes in MMA competition when there is a heated rivalry between competitors it can make them apprehensive and very cautious once the fight starts. When you really dislike an opponent and talk a lot of crap, you put a lot of pressure on yourself as you do not want to lose to someone you dislike so much.

Case in point, in the following video we see what happens when two pro level MMA fighters settle their heated rivalry outside of the cage and it takes them a while to get started but ends quite brutally.

One of the pro fighters involved in this fight is named Alan ‘A-Train’ Stephenson (in the blue shirt) who fights out of Virginia and looks to be the superior fighter in there, using good movement and low kicks. His opponent in the black, named Dusty Shaw, is very apprehensive and may be caught up in emotion as previously speculated.

Apparently their beef originally started in the gym as the two were training partners but was taken to another level via talking trash over the internet. They both have their versions of what happened and what was said but ultimately they decided to take it to the streets and settle it in the Streetbeefs yard.

The fight, while starting out very technical, heats up in the second round after a brutal combination from A-train rocks his opponent, Dusty. He pours it on right after, forcing a stop in this relatively one sided and technical affair.

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