Thursday, September 28, 2017

You just woke up and are enjoying your breakfast.

Suddenly, your phone is ringing. That early in the morning? Odd. Intrigued, you answer the call. Now you’re talking to someone with a comically-robotic voice who has a deal for you. The mysterious man, probably wearing a clown mask while laughing at a globe and caressing a kitten, says he has a very special offer for you.

For 50 bucks, he wants you to juggle with no less than eight chainsaws for a minute. Yes, 50 bucks. You heard that right. Nearly choking on your cereal because of the ridiculousness of the situation you ask the man if he’s legitimately serious. “Dead serious”, he answers. And oh, he also mentions you’re going to be blindfolded while wild bees swarm at you.

Would you accept the man’s deal?

Skilled street fighter toys with opponent
Skilled street fighter toys with opponent

If you’re a rather sane and well-balanced individual, no, you wouldn’t. The risks would far outweigh the advantages. What’re 50 bucks if you risk losing a limb?

And yet, every day, people get themselves into absurd situations. Such is the case of people with no martial arts experience fighting on the street against someone who possesses legit skills. They’re basically putting their lives on the table for something insignificant such as hoping to get bragging rights if they do win the confrontation.

The man in the above footage got himself into a street fight with no prior experience. It didn’t go well, to say the least.

Disclaimer: does not, in any shape, way, or form, promote, encourage, or condone the use of physical violence outside of a safe and professionally-monitored environment. However, we do acknowledge the fact that physical violence ought to be resorted to in particular and exceptional situations, notably, but not limited to, if your life is directly under threat. In an effort to promote a safe practice of martial arts we do believe that one should train under professional supervision in case such a situation arose.

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