Taekwondo KO in Russian street fight

Monday, March 27, 2017

The ending to this Russian street fight offers up a clear example of what happens when someone who knows how to fight goes up against someone who doesn’t.

It’s anyone’s guess why this scrap began in the first place, but right from the start it’s clear that the guy in the black top and jeans is out of his depth as his opponent in the green combats and gray t-shirt easily tosses him to the ground and then greets him with a knee to the body as he stands back up.

Gray T-Shirt then easily defends an attempt at a throw and shows good head movement to avoid a punch.

He starts to get a bit cocky and showboats after that, which is ill-advised as you never know what might happen in a fight, but it’s not going to cost him on this occasion.

Soon after he sends his rival staggering back several paces with a push kick. Black-Top then tries to come after him aggressively, only for Gray T-Shirt to connect with a left hook as he’s moving backwards, and that wobbles him.

Black-Top should have realized that this wasn’t going to end well and called it quits, but instead he regains his balance and continues fighting.

With his chin left exposed, it’s only a matter of time before Gray T-Shirt sees his opportunity and unleashes a right head kick that lands cleanly and drops his opponent hard to the concrete to end the fight.

Being trained in a martial art is clearly a major advantage in a street fight, but of course it must be stressed that you should only use those skills in a situation where you have no other option left other than to defend yourself.

As for Black-Top, he could have saved himself a few brain-cells if he had just swallowed his pride earlier and acknowledged that his rival had got the better of him, as this was a fight he just wasn’t going to win.

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