This is one girl that should never be messed with

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

If the UFC is scouting for new talent to bolster their woman’s divisions then they’d do well to keep tabs on the teenage girl delivering the ruthlessly efficient beatdown in this street fight.

The age-old stereotype about female street fights is that it will quickly descend into a hair-pulling contest, but in a self-defense situation you should never assume anything as you never know when your opponent may have some kind of martial arts training.

That certainly appears to be the case in this video as the girl in the light green crop-top and leggings quickly proves to be way too much for her rival in the pink top to handle.

The fight is already underway when the video footage begins, and while the girl in green’s striking technique is far from flawless, she is keeping her feet planted and her stance intact as she swings hard for the fences.

Transitioning from striking to a takedown is a skill in itself and the girl in green does it surprisingly well as she suddenly ducks down and reaches for a double-leg, before using her legs to briefly hoist her opponent up onto her shoulder and then slam her down to the ground in style.

She then continues to dominate the fight by unleashing a barrage of blows to her grounded opponent’s head.

To her credit though, she shows self-control in the heat of the moment by only landing a few punches, before recognizing that her cowering rival has had enough and opting to just walk away rather than dish out more punishment.

Given the sudden burst in popularity of Woman’s Mixed Martial Arts (WMMA) over the past few years, in large part thanks to Ronda Rousey, it’s quite possible that this is going to become a more common occurrence as more girls learn how to fight and defend themselves.

However, as we always say, whether you know how to fight or not, you should always do everything you can to avoid getting into a physical confrontation like the one shown here unless you are left with no other option than to defend yourself.

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