Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Of all the techniques out there from traditional martial arts like taekwondo or karate, the spinning back kick is one of the most powerful kicks you can learn.

There is a ton of momemtum and torque going in to this technique and as the YouTube video title makes reference to, you could most definitely break someone’s ribs with proper application of this technique.

In the video, professional GLORY kickboxer Aaron Swenson first demonstrates his own spinning back kick before breaking it down technique-wise with Shane.


First he goes over that swinging your arms, much like a ballet dancer, increases your momentum which would of course lead to much more power. You can disguise this motion by purposely missing with a punch then turning it into a spin.

Also, he goes over how imperative it is to land with the heel (not just any part of the foot) if you want to do some damage which is actually a very hard bone. It’s important to note however that this is a serious technique and should only be practiced by trained martial artists.

Aaron also demonstrates that you must always keep your eyes on your opponent when throwing this strike. Even when your back is to him right when you are delivering the kick, you are looking over your shoulder at your target. This ensures that your accuracy is going to be on point as well as keeps your aware of any possible incoming counter attacks.

As previously stated though this is a powerful martial arts technique and should not be tried at home.


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