Taekwondo fighter vs Jiu-Jitsu novice does not go as expected

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

When it comes to martial arts some arts just don’t match up well against others. Taekwondo practitioners for instance almost always come up short against BJJ guys. They just don’t put enough time into grappling, if any.

Most taekwondo vs jiu-jitsu videos usually go the same way. The taekwondo fighter starts out by throwing a spin kick or two which may or may not land. He is usually then quickly taken down and submitted by the jiu-jitsu practitioner who is light years ahead of him on the ground.

That’s why this fight in particular is so compelling. We see a taekwondo practitioner dominate against a BJJ player. Granted the BJJ player is a clear novice at best. However the difference in styles alone is usually enough to overcome pure striking based martial arts like taekwondo.


The taekwondo practitioner in this video demonstrates the quintessential taekwondo style. You don’t even have to see the video title to know what martial art he is representing. With his hands down low and his wide legged sideways stance it says it all along with his excellent kicking techniques.

The BJJ practitioner is even able to take him down early on and briefly gets his back but he is unable to capitalize, showing his inexperience.

From the TKD practitioner we see a variety of very nice looking kicking techniques land successfully. He is able to land several excellent kicks to the body, including a great spinning back kick half way through the contest.

At the 1:13 mark the TKD guy lands a heavy right hand that drops the jiu-jitsu fighter. You can hear him ask shortly after “You want to give up?” which is a classy move. The jiu-jitsu guy fights on though.

Though this fight doesn’t end in a big knockout, it is about as dominant as you can get without a big finish. It’s hard to tell who says “No more” at the end but it’s clear taekwondo got the better in this one.

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