Taekwondo vs. Muay Thai in underground fight – gets bloody

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

It doesn’t take long for either of these fighters to get started in this style vs style underground match. Both practitioners begin by throwing some serious heat in what looks to be a cement floored garage which isn’t very safe.

Initially you’ve got to give the edge to the Muay Thai practitioner. He lands several hard punches and a solid looking kick early in the contest. Landing the first hard shot tends to put your opponent on the defense as well as sets the tone for the entire match.

When it comes to their styles, Muay Thai is generally going to have the advantage against Taekwondo the vast majority of the time. That’s not to say it’s impossible for the Taekwondo guy to win, it’s just that Muay Thai is a much more complete and versatile striking arsenal.


In Muay Thai you train how to deliver brutal elbows, knees and punches in addition to the kicking techniques which Taekwondo focuses on.

Much like how an MMA fighter would have an edge over a practitioner of any single martial art, Muay Thai just has more ways to win over other striking arts. More specifically Thai boxing has more ranges in which you can excel in, both in outside striking range and in the clinch up close.

We see close to the two minute mark of the video the Thai fighter starting to pound away with his knee strikes in close yet the action is halted for some reason. They are restarted and the Taekwondo practitioner is able to land a great spinning back kick, his best technique of the fight.

His success doesn’t last too long though as shortly after the Muay Thai practitioner unloads a series of blistering punches which bloody up the TKD fighter. He follows it up with a series of hard knees and more punches until they call it off before it gets out of hand.

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