10 shocking facts you didn’t know about Brock Lesnar

Monday, August 14, 2017

Brock Lesnar is a current pro wrestler as well as the former UFC heavyweight champion of the world and believe or not, he actually shares the record for the most title defenses in UFC heavyweight championship history which is currently two defenses.

Lesnar is also one of the most athletic fighters to ever fight in the UFC, which is probably why he was able to win a title so quickly into his MMA career (his fourth ever MMA fight which is virtually unheard of). He also had a lot of success as an amateur wrestler too and even had a stint in the NFL with the Minnesota Vikings.

In the following video, we find out some other shocking facts about Brock Lesnar that you may not know and some are quite surprising.

For instance, Lesnar seems like a pretty straight edge guy but according to the video, Lesnar has struggled with substance issues in the past. When he first joined the WWE, to help cope with his new fame as well as a multitude of injuries, Brock turned to drugs and alcohol – specifically vodka and Vicodin.

Because of his substance issues, Brock says that he doesn’t even remember two entire years of his life when he first started in the WWE and even attributed these issues to a famous brawl on a plane with another pro wrestler, Curt Hennig.

Check out the video below to see the other shocking facts about Brock Lesnar that you may not have known, including the backstory behind his famous chest tattoo.

Brock Edward Lesnar (born July 12, 1977) is an American professional wrestler and former professional mixed martial artist, professional American football player and amateur wrestler who is currently signed with WWE. He performs on the Raw brand where he is the current Universal Champion in his first reign. [Source: Wiki]

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