10 things you already forgot about Ronda Rousey

Friday, September 29, 2017

It wasn’t all that long ago that Ronda Rousey was on top of the world and the biggest star the UFC had to offer at the time. How quickly things can change…

Don’t forget, at one point Rousey was a dominant force inside the Octagon who was head and shoulders above her competition and had started to develop a habit of finishing her fights in mere seconds.

That all came crashing down at UFC 193 in Australia against Holly Holm that saw Rousey suffer a brutal, one-sided beatdown the like we were more used to seeing her put on her opponents.

Was it just a terrible, ill thought out game plan? Was Holm simply a bad style match or perhaps just the better fighter at that point? Or were the lures of Hollywood taking time and focus away from her fight career?

Whatever the case, in this video we see 10 things that some fickle fans seem to have forgotten about Rousey and her dominant reign as champion.

What many people tend to forget about Rousey is that she is the sole reason we have women’s fighting at all in the UFC today. Remember, at one point, Dana White said that there would never be women’s fighting in the UFC. That all changed when Ronda Rousey came along.

Her elite level judo skills were far too much for her opponents early on in her career. Her special move was the armbar which she used to finish just about every single one of her opponents.

Eventually, Rousey would neglect the judo skills that got her to the top, though, in favor of her newly learned striking skills that were majorly improved yet still nowhere near the elite level of Holly Holm.

The fall of Ronda Rousey should serve partly as a cautionary tale to many young fighters out there but she still accomplished a lot in her career and did achieve a level of greatness that only comes along every so often.

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