15 CRAZY facts about Dana White that you won’t believe

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Dana White, the outspoken, longtime President of the UFC, may come off as a bit brash sometimes but there is a lot more to him that you may not know.

While many like to give him a hard time about his outlandish spending on things like snow for his driveway, usually when in comparison to fighter pay, he is actually a very charitable and generous man.

Not only does he often give away free UFC tickets to random fans, but he also helped save the life of a young girl in Thailand who he didn’t even know, by paying for her life-saving surgery out of his own pocket.

In this video from YouTube channel BabbleTop, we find out some other crazy facts about the longtime UFC President that you probably didn’t know.

15 CRAZY facts about Dana White that you won't believe
15 CRAZY facts about Dana White that you won’t believe

In addition to his previously mentioned charitable contributions, according to this video, Dana White and the UFC also donated 1 million dollars to the people and families impacted by the terrible Las Vegas shooting last year.

Another interesting tidbit about Dana White that you may have forgotten was that he spoke at the Republican National Convention a couple of years back out of support for Donald Trump.

While White himself says that he tries to stay out of politics, during his speech, he talked about how Trump supported the UFC at a time when no one else would and that clearly meant a lot to Dana.

Dana White’s Meniere’s disease is also brought up in the video which is an inner ear disorder that can affect your hearing as well as your equilibrium. Dana talked about this when he was on UFC commentator Joe Rogan’s podcast a few years back and he believed it was caused from a beating he sustained in a street fight back in Boston when he was a young man.

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