15 surprising things you may not know about Joe Rogan

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Longtime UFC color commentator, Joe Rogan, is very well-known for his super successful podcast as well as his stand-up comedy career, but if you don’t regularly tune in to The Joe Rogan Experience you may not know some of the things seen in this video.

Speaking of his podcast, one of the ’15 things you didn’t know’ mentioned in this video is that his podcast is one of the most popular podcasts in the world.

Started on December 24, 2009, at a time when podcasts weren’t nearly as prominent as they are now, The Joe Rogan Experience is now super huge and according to this video (which was uploaded in August of 2017), now has 30 million downloads a month.

Another thing mentioned in this video is that long before he got into stand-up comedy, Joe Rogan was also a former Taekwondo grand champion. While Joe regularly admits that Taekwondo is not the most effective style, his kicking ability is still very impressive and there are many videos on YouTube where you can see Joe demonstrating these skills.

15 surprising things you may not know about Joe Rogan
15 surprising things you may not know about Joe Rogan

After Taekwondo, Rogan subsequently got into kickboxing where he had a few fights and realized some problems with Taekwondo as a style, particularly when it comes to boxing and punching. He quickly discovered fighting was not for him and that’s when he began focusing his energy on comedy.

Martial arts have always been a passion for Joe, though, and according to this video, he even has a full gym with an Octagon in his garage and has continued to still train but focuses more on grappling.

Rogan is a black belt both in no-gi jiu-jitsu, under his longtime pal’s Eddie Bravo’s 10th Planet system, as well as in the gi under Jean Jacques Machado.

So check out the above video to find some other things you may not have known about Joe Rogan.

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