5 UFC fighters who pooped themselves mid-fight

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Fighting in a cage in front of millions of people must be an intense, extreme situation that very few human beings are capable of. That’s why it is no shock that several UFC fighters have been speculated to have lost control of their bowels mid-fight and some have even openly admitted to it.

Accidents of this nature have been in the MMA news recently since Julie Kedzie hilariously revealed on Joe Rogan’s podcast she unknowingly pooped her shorts during an MMA fight in Russia. She was then quickly ushered off to meet Russian dignitaries like Vladimir Putin before she even knew what happened or got a chance to clean herself up.

In the following video we see some images of several UFC fighters with mysterious stains and marks on their shorts and though we can’t say for sure if they in fact pooped themselves, it sure is suspicious.

One of the most suspect fighters on this video list is UFC lightweight Yancy Medeiros who may have had an accident during his fight against John Makdessi at UFC 194. Though other fighters in this video can say it’s just sweat, it is hard for Yancy to argue that when the stain is brown in color. He handled it like a champ however and the mishap didn’t stop him from earning a decision victory over the always tough Makdessi.

Also on this video list is former UFC heavyweight champion of the world Tim ‘The Maine-iac’ Sylvia who had an accident during his fight with Assuerio Silva back in the day. What makes Tim unique is that he openly admitted to it during his post fight interview and you’ve got to respect his candor.

Current top middleweight contender Yoel Romero also makes it on this list though in his case it could very well be just sweat but it is odd why it would be just in that area.

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