Sonnen: Dana White told us if you are ever fouled you don’t have to go on

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Retired UFC fighter Chael Sonnen appeared recently on Aaron Tru’s The Brutally Honest Show EP 21, for a wide ranging interview. It covered JMMA, Cruz vs. Dillashaw, Kenny Florian, Anderson Silva, the use of PEDs in MMA, and what to do if you are fouled.

The foul question was precipitated by the repeated eye pokes Matt Mitrione suffered at the hands of Travis Browne.

“I’ll tell you a quick story,” said Sonnen. “We were at a fighter summit. It was the first ever UFC fighter summit. They hold them every year now. They bring all the guys out. They have all kinds of courses on everything under the roof. But one of the things Dana White got up and talked about it, is he said ‘Guys, if you’re ever fouled in a fight, I do not expect you to continue.'”

“That would ruin a show. I was shocked that a promoter was saying this. The promoter’s the one guy that really needs the show to go on. Then Dana gave a statistic. Now this is old. It’s from the 2009 or 2010 fighter summit. So I don’t know if the statistic is still true. But Dana told us ‘In the history of the UFC, only one person has ever been fouled, and come back to win.’

“So he was making the point … if the guy fouls you, on purpose or not, and you don’t want to continue, don’t. Don’t listen to the crowd. Don’t think I’m going to be mad. If you’re fouled, you’re fouled. You don’t have to continue.’

“And it stayed with me above everything, because I thought it was a very integrity-driven statement by a promoter. I don’t think you’d ever get Bob Arum or Don King to make that statement.”

Sonnen also discussed his own use of PEDs.

“When USADA came in you saw the belts changing hands quickly, you saw a lot of guys becoming the incredible shrinking man and it’s for the best,” said Sonnen, as transcribed by ENTImports. “USADA came in and cleaned it up. I’m a real hypocrite. I’m a guy that used that stuff, but I hated it. I hated that crap, I hated that that was a part of it. I hated trying to stay up and ahead of the curve on that. It’s so much better the way it is now.”

And Sonnen said he wants to see an end to five round fights.

“I don’t know why this sport ever went to five rounds. The human body’s not made to do that. I think it hurts the sport a lot. Every now and then you’ll have these classic fights, Bigfoot and Hunt part one or you’ll have a Cruz and Dillashaw, where you’ll want to see ten rounds. But generally speaking it’s not good for the sport. It’s what killed boxing. Boxing is so damn boring because they’re out there for twelve rounds.”