The ANGRIEST moments of UFC president Dana White

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Since Dana White became the president of the UFC back in 2001 he’s has made it known to the masses that he is definitely not afraid to speak his mind on any subject at any time.

The brash promoter has shown no problem beefing with fighters under his own promotion like Tito Ortiz, Georges St Pierre, Randy Couture and Ken Shamrock to fighters not even fighting for him like the elusive and legendary Fedor Emelianenko. But it doesn’t stop at fighters, Dana also includes competing for fight promotions in many of his tirades.

“That’s f****king illegal!!” is perhaps one of the most famous profanity laden quotes from Dana, as he spat venom towards former promotion EliteXC who were allegedly trying to fix the outcome of the Kimbo Slice VS Seth Petruzelli fight back in 2008.

So far you would Dana would have his hands full, but he also finds time to be very vocal towards certain MMA referees; most notably Steve Mazagatti whom Dana considers the worst referee in all of Mixed Martial Arts. Ouch.


But it doesn’t end there, in another memorable rant Dana White took on what he describes as ‘The Internet’ – an entity he is not afraid of – in light of the hacking of back in 2012.

What is your favorite angry Dana moment? Check out the full clip below.

Dana White is an American businessman. Since 2001 he has acted as the President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship when the company was purchased by the Fertitta brothers. Under White’s leadership, the UFC has grown into a globally popular multi-billion dollar enterprise. He was listed in the 2016 Sporting News ’50 Most Influential Peoples in Sports’ list. [Source: Wiki]

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