Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Just about everybody loves to see a good one punch knockout but an expertly landed combination resulting in a knockout is a thing of beauty.

Most of us know the basic boxing combos like the 1,2 combination (jab, cross) or the 1,2,3 (jab, cross, hook) but in MMA when you mix kicks, knees, elbows and defensive maneuvers into the equation, the possibilities are just about endless!

In this video, we see the most ruthless and devastating knockout combos ever landed in MMA history, including a few old school ones you may have forgotten about.

Vitor Belfort’s onslaught combination over Wanderlei Silva is featured in this video and while it may not be as technical or ‘pretty’ as many other entries, it certainly was ruthless and it really is too bad these two legends never met in a rematch – at least as of right now.

The most RUTHLESS knockout combinations in MMA history
The most RUTHLESS knockout combinations in MMA history

Another great old-school one is Chuck Liddell’s epic knockout combination over his longtime rival, Tito Ortiz. Chuck smelled the blood, so to speak, at this point in the fight and unleashed an absolutely brutal combination on Ortiz that crumpled him to the canvas and left him a bloody mess.

Some more recent additions in this video include UFC superstar and current lightweight champion, Conor McGregor. While Conor is more known as a ‘one punch’ kind of guy, that combo he uncorked on Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 was a thing of beauty, as was his knockout over Marcus Brimage in his first ever UFC bout.

Probably the best combination ever landed in MMA, though, is Donald Cerrone’s amazing knockout over Rick Story. The way he mixed in both the punches and the kicks to both the head and body of his opponent was a thing of beauty and every strike landed perfectly.

Check out the above video to see Cowboy’s amazing knockout combination as well as the other previously mentioned combos that you may have forgotten about.

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