The Mountain: I could’ve CRUSHED McGregor during sparring session

Thursday, November 09, 2017

A couple of years ago before McGregor’s fight against Aldo at UFC 194, Conor mixed things up a bit in training when he decided to do some light sparring with strongman, Hafthor Bjornson, who is most well-known for playing ‘The Mountain’ on Game of Thrones.

The sparring session was pretty light-hearted and they were just moving around for the most part and throwing some body shots but the size difference between the two was really something to behold.

Bjornson stands 6’9” tall and weighs in at around 400lbs which makes him more than TWICE the size of McGregor who fights at 155lbs and probably walks around at no more than 175lbs.

In this recent interview with RT, Bjornson discusses that sparring session from 2015 and declares that he could’ve CRUSHED McGregor if he had wanted to, but, luckily for Conor, he was holding back.

The Mountain: I could've CRUSHED McGregor during sparring session
The Mountain: I could’ve CRUSHED McGregor during sparring session

However, if you go back and watch that sparring session again you may very well come to a different conclusion than Hafthor. Sure, Bjornson is most definitely WAY stronger than McGregor but in terms of fighting ability, Conor is on a different level and it seemed more like he was the one who was holding back.

Bjornson also seemed quick to tire, which, given his massive physique, really comes as no surprise.

When compared to regular bodybuilders, though, these strongmen guys are way more legit when it comes to brute strength and are going to have much more functional strength too when compared to bodybuilders.

Still, though, strength athletics and fighting are two separate disciplines and, despite the massive size difference, McGregor most likely wouldn’t have too much trouble with Bjornson.

Alas, we can only speculate as to how a REAL fight would go between the two but it sure would be fun while it lasted.

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