The top 5 DEADLIEST left hands in the UFC

Monday, October 09, 2017

Conor McGregor’s left-hand punch is a thing of beauty that he uses to put away almost all of his opponents. It not only packs a wallop, but it is extremely accurate too which may be even more important.

In this video, we see Conor McGregor as well as four other current fighters who possess the deadliest left hands in all of the UFC

Left-handed fighters normally fight as southpaws and can pose a lot of problems for orthodox fighters who may not be used to their stance.

Against a southpaw, everything is backward, so what usually works against an orthodox fighter may not work as well against a southpaw and can even leave you more open than you realize.

Though, many MMA fighters, especially nowadays, like to switch their stances from orthodox to southpaw and back and forth during the fight to throw their opponent off and keep them guessing.

The best punch against a southpaw? A straight right hand right down the pipe is one of the best weapons, but good luck with that against the guys in this video.

One of the biggest power punchers in this video is former UFC welterweight champion Robbie Lawler who has an incredible left hand. Interestingly enough, according to his former longtime trainer and MMA great, Pat Miletich, Robbie isn’t even left-handed yet he still fights southpaw.

He’s got a ton of power in both hands, though, so he can get away with it. One of the benefits to fighting southpaw as a right-handed fighter is that it gives you a more thudding jab and lead hook.

Some other top fighters with the deadliest left hands in this video include UFC newcomer and kickboxing great, Gökhan Saki, as well as middleweight, Derek Brunson. Also appearing on this list is the light heavyweight powerhouse, Jimi Manuwa, who is allegedly left handed yet fights in an orthodox stance giving him a very powerful lead left hook like previously mentioned.

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