The top 5 most EPIC heavyweight fights in UFC history

Friday, March 30, 2018

For many casual fans of the sport, the heavyweight division is where it’s at, and it really is no surprise there. According to Fight Matrix, the UFC heavyweight division has the highest knockout percentage of any male division which makes sense given the sheer mass and power of the combatants.

In this video from UFC Now, we see Michael Bisping and Cub Swanson, alongside host Karyn Bryant, break down the top 5 best ever heavyweight fights in the UFC and there are a couple they both agree on and one or two that they may have even left out I reckon.

For instance, they both agree on the Mark Hunt vs. Bigfoot Silva being the best heavyweight fight ever and they are most likely spot on there. That was simply a back and forth, crazy slugfest and seemed more like something out of a Rocky movie opposed to a real-life mixed martial arts contest.

The top 5 most EPIC heavyweight fights in UFC history
The top 5 most EPIC heavyweight fights in UFC history

That fight had it all with Mark Hunt’s brutal punching power and Silva’s toughness and superior grappling on clear display, but the fight was marred in controversy in more ways than one. For one, the fight was scored a majority draw but many, including myself, felt that Hunt did enough to win it but, still though, it was by no means a robbery, at least at the time.

The real controversy came after the fight when Bigfoot tested positive for elevated testosterone levels which takes away some of the bout’s epicness. The pair would eventually fight again with Hunt winning easily via first-round knockout.

Also in the video, both Swanson and Bisping include a crazy one-round war with Swanson going with Pat Barry vs. Cheick Kongo and Bisping going with that crazy fight between Arlovski and Travis Browne. Both of those fights deserve recognition and though they weren’t 5-round wars, they were still epic battles that looked more like a street fight than an MMA bout.

One fight they left out, in my opinion, is the epic first fight between Randy Couture and Pedro Rizzo from back in the day. That was an epic, back and forth clash of styles that was also very historically significant.

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